There’s a whole slew of “blog awards” out there that are informally passed among bloggers, from friend to friend, acquaintance to acquaintance. There aren’t set-in-stone criteria for them, but it’s a fun way to acknowledge that you enjoy reading someone’s blog.

Well, yesterday, Stephanie over at our journey gave me the Blog on Fire award!

(Side note: These definitions of “on fire” from Urban Dictionary make me giggle. I’m not sure which one to pick as the meaning of my award! Definitely not #8, though.)

The stipulation of the award is that you have to share 7 things about yourself, and then pass it on to 10 other people. As Stephanie pointed out, this feels a lot like those silly chain letters you used to send when you were 12, or those chain emails that you immediately delete, but I thought it would be fun to do a random list of things about myself. And then I’ll pass the blog on to some number of people that will likely be less than 10, because I don’t have a ton of blogger friends yet.

So here goes nothing!

  1. I am unable to clap and sing at the same time. I can clap on beat, and I can sing okay, but when I try to do them at the same time, the rhythm completely falls apart. This proved difficult the summer I taught Sunday school to elementary schoolers and had to enthusiastically lead worship.
  2. Somehow in the process of moving, A. and I managed to lose, of all things, my hiking boots. So, after tearing the apartment apart and completely reorganizing our closet and still not finding them, we budgeted for a new pair, since we like to hike and would have been hindered by my only having athletic shoes. I LOVE my new boots. So much so that I have briefly considered wearing them for my walks around the neighborhood (but only very briefly). And part of me keeps expecting to inevitably find the old ones somewhere weird, now that they've been replaced.
  3. I talk to my mom on the phone for about an hour at least once a week. We got much closer when I went away to boarding school, and the older I get the more I wish we lived closer to each other. When A. and I first got married, she stopped calling me much because she wasn't sure how to navigate our new relationship, but we're in a groove now and communicate all the time. Included in communicating is sending emails of the funniest LOL Cats from I Can Has Cheezburger. (Click it. You know you want to.)
  4. A. and I have been watching Friday Night Lights. We just started Season 2. I don't think I've like a show this much since probably Everwood or Gilmore Girls! I really like the way they treat real-life issues, and I love the marriage relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife.
  5. I don't like taking the interstate if I don't have to, at least within Atlanta. In Birmingham, everywhere you go requires getting on the interstate, so I got used to it, but they still scare me a little bit here. It might take longer on the surface streets, but it's more interesting and less stressful to me. Plus, you never know what traffic you might hit on the interstate that would delay you even more!
  6. I use French Vanilla creamer in my morning tea. I used to use it in coffee, but then we switched to a French Press for making it, and for some reason I don't like the coffee as much. But I missed my creamer, so I just started adding it to the tea.
  7. I am pretty much awesome at the Super Hula Hoop on Wii Fit Plus. Even the first time I did it I got 4 stars ("calorie incinerator"). Thank you, years and years of swimming, for giving me strong core muscles, even now.

That’s it! And now for my award winners. The envelope goes to:

Have fun, ladies! (I guess this will be a real test of who actually reads my blog regularly.)

If you feel like divulging, what’s one thing about you that you take for granted but that sounds strange when you tell it to someone else?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman