November was a busy month! I traveled to San Francisco for work on somewhat short notice, and got to explore the city a little bit this time. Traveling would be better for my reading life if hotels didn’t have cable. This trip I got sucked into My 600 Pound Life on TLC. It actually made me glad not to have cable at home, though, so that won’t happen with any regularity! I also hosted Thanksgiving for the first time with both my parents and my in-laws in attendance, and it was a wonderful few days. I love getting to craft experiences for my guests and also getting to put a lot of my less-frequently used household items into service!

Here are the nine books I read in November.

No offense to Lauren Graham, but I was a bit surprised by how well-written this book was! The plot moved along nicely and the characters were interesting. I wondered how much of the story was at least semi-autobiographical.

Tara Road had been on my library wishlist for awhile, and it was available every time I checked, but it never seemed like what I wanted to read. It was only okay. I think maybe Maeve Binchy is just not my cup of tea, because that’s how I’ve felt about others of her books I’ve read. Apologies to my Irish family-in-law!

This was a sweet YA romance. I always like when books are of their time but not in an obnoxious way, so the text/IM relationship here was a nice touch.

Not my favorite but it had some sweet moments. This is a classic that I’m glad to be able to say I’ve finally read. It slogged for me through the middle but then caught me off-guard when it finally ended. I bought a Kindle set of all three of these books, so we’ll see if I get around the other two ever.

I’ve never quite been able to figure out Pottermore, so I was delighted to see some of Rowling’s stories that she’s written for it available as inexpensive e-books. I read these out of order, OKAY, so sue me. It’s always fun to re-visit the magical world of Harry Potter, not to mention that reading these three shorties helped propel me a LOT closer to my 2016 reading goal.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman