A. moved into the apartment where we lived the first year of our marriage well before I did, but I helped him furnish it a bit. I didn't truly get my hands on the space until after we were married, and even then it was an ongoing process. But for weekends when I came to visit, I definitely wanted things, like, you know dishes to use, so the kitchen was the first priority.

We bought some inexpensive drinking glasses from Target that look pretty much like this:

Yep. Plain, clear, glass. We got a set of 8.

However, I started to realize that when I was growing up, we never had matching glasses! We had an assortment of hand-blown glasses and other things. And when we would go visit my parents, I realized the mish mash of glasses was nice, because you could always remember which one was yours. With our clear ones, A. and I were forever getting confused (though I could usually tell mine from the chapstick lip marks on it!).

So I decided to get A. a Christmas gift that would be mutually beneficial: a new set of unique glasses. I got it in my head that I wanted to find some made from recycled wine glasses, and ultimately picked these from Etsy:


I put the plain glasses on a high-up shelf in the dishes cabinet, and I haven't looked back since! We also added the 2 souvenir pint glasses from our Red Brick Brewery tour, and I've now got my eye on these cuties, spotted at the art museum gift shop:

It's so fun to me having different colored glasses to choose from! I have a similar philosophy when it comes to bowls and plates, in that I like having a dish just the right size for what I'm serving. We have a fun collection of small plates and bowls, and I like that we're diversifying our glass selection now as well. For all I may be matchy-matchy about a lot of things (like belt and shoes--I have yet to be able to break that rule), for some reason opening the cabinet to a smorgasbord of dishes is satisfying to me. There's a store near our apartment called Desperate Housewares (rim shot!) that sells vintage/used dishes and furniture, and I wish I could just exchange our stock there all the time.

What's your dishes style? Do you go for classic and elegant or fun and funky?

P.S. We do have some nice glasses for special occasions. They look a lot like this and were a wedding gift:

I'm far from a one-trick pony when it comes to dishes!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman