Recently I got access to the type of Spotify subscription that lets me play music on my phone. This was SO EXCITING for me, as before I was often wary of listening to any music other than my own on my phone for fear of using too much data. I own a fair amount of music, but for some reason I never wanted to listen to it. I do like listening to podcasts while I exercise, but some mornings you just need some music to get you going. So, Spotify has been really fun because I have access to just about any song in the world, but I’m not “stuck with it” like I would be if I bought it!

I started en exercise playlist with a few songs, and it’s grown to 15 songs and exactly one hour’s worth of music (total coincidence, but kind of cool!). It TOTALLY represents my eclectic taste in music: everything from country to pop to more alternative stuff. I’m not picky about the precise beat of the song. I know for some people it’s really difficult to run or walk with music unless the beat matches their steps, but I’ve never had a problem with that. Maybe I just don’t have a good sense of rhythm! But I do make sure any song I add is pretty upbeat.

The only problem with my playlist is that I’ve added songs that make me want to sing along and dance, which is a little difficult on the elliptical. The best is when I get back to the apartment after exercising and Andy is still asleep and I can rock out in the kitchen for a minute before I jump in the shower. And if I’m out for a walk, I will occasionally check my surroundings and indulge in a little headphone-karaoke if it seems like no one is around. I may sound like a crazy lady, but I’m having fun!

I think my favorite song on the whole list might be “Africa” by Toto. It was a number 1 song in 1983, before I was even born. I started hearing it in the past year or so on the “80s, 90s, and now” radio station that I listen to and I became enamored with it. Something about the beat and the layers of harmony just does it for me. It also includes my one of my favorite ridiculous lyrics: “I know that I must do what’s right / Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.” So many syllables! The most awkward timing! Such a weird comparison! Anyway, this one is particularly difficult for me NOT to sing along to, so it’s best when it comes on at the END of my workout when I’m already home.

My exercise playlist is ever-evolving. I’ll add a song at will if I hear something on the radio that catches my ear. Most of the songs on it have come from random sources; one of them was being played during a yoga class! And I’ll probably end up deleting some as time goes on and I get tired of them. That’s what makes it fun! I’m not limited by the stock of songs and albums that I’ve actually bought over the years.

So now that you’re probably DYING of curiosity, here’s the list!(Hover over it to make the scroll bar appear on the right.) If it strikes your fancy you’re welcome to replicate it, but I’m not sure anyone else quite shares my level of odd taste in music. You know what they say. There’s no accounting for that.

What do you like to listen to when you exercise? Have you played around with Spotify playlists?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman