I’ve been pondering this post from Gretchen Rubin about her “patron saints.” In it, she says that people often ask her what the one key to happiness is, and she explains that she really thinks it comes down to knowing yourself. She shares some questions that can help you on that journey:

  • Whom do I envy?
  • What do I lie about?
  • What did I do for fun when I was 10 years old?
  • What do I actually DO? and,
  • Who are your patron saints?

Those are great questions, and I might blog about them individually some time as food for thought. I’ve always really valued being self-aware but I feel like it gets harder the older I get! I can easily tell you what I did for fun when I was 10 years old, though: I read. And I swam. I listened to Y101.7 on the radio and tried to catch my favorite songs to record on cassette tape. And I played a made-up sport on my backyard monkey bars with my dad as the Olympic judge. So I’m not all too sure what that says about me.

But I’ve been pondering on the patron saint business the most. I love this concept, and I want to have a patron saint! Gretchen lists hers in the post, and they’re definitely not who mine would be. I haven’t totally pinned down a list, but the first that pop into mind might include Ruth Reichl, June Carter Cash as played by Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line, Anne Lamott, and, I have to admit, maybe Gretchen Rubin herself.

Who would your patron saints be? 

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman