Christmas is just a few days away, and I know a lot of us may be scrambling to pick up those last few gifts and get the ones we already have wrapped. The free printable I have for you today should be an answer to any of a couple of dilemmas you may have.

Dilemma 1: I bought someone something virtual, like a Kindle book or a magazine subscription, and don’t have anything tangible to put under the tree.

Dilemma 2: I want a cute way to label my gifts, or a card to drop in with a package, but I’ve already overspent my budget and don’t want to shell out for a card.

Everything is cuter when it’s miniaturized, and this envelope and notecard set is no exception. Read on for instructions and to download a template!

Free Printable Mini Envelope Template

  • Step 1: Print the template on regular weight paper and cut it out. The big square with divots in the sides will be your envelope, the smaller square will be the notecard, and the circle can be either a label for the front or a seal for the back.

  • Step 2: Pick out the paper you’d like to use as your envelope. This can be anything you have around! Wrapping paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper…the world is your oyster. I used a 12x12 square of heavyweight scrapbook paper.

  • Step 3: Trace around the edges of your cut-out envelope template. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Once you start folding you’ll find the shape to be very forgiving.

  • Step 4: If your paper is big enough, go ahead and trace a second envelope template. You can also choose to trace the notecard shape onto the corners of your page if you have the space.

Mini Envelope Instructions 1-4

  • Step 5: Take your cut-out envelope and begin folding. Using the indents as your guide, fold the left triangular piece toward the center and stick a tiny piece of tape on the point.

  • Step 6: Fold the right triangle onto the piece of tape in the center, and stick another piece of tape on top of it. (You could also use a small dab of glue or a glue stick if you’d prefer.)

  • Step 7: Fold the bottom triangle onto the piece of tape in the center and press it down. Give all the edges a good crease with your fingernail to make them crisp!

  • Step 8: Fold the top triangle, the last one remaining loose, down toward the center and crease it into place. Don’t stick this one down until you’ve put your note inside!

Mini Envelope Instructructions 5-8

Write your note on the included square notecard and pop it into the envelope. You can use the circle template to make a label for the front, or as a seal for the back (stuck down with a piece of tape or glue).

I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I made an awfully cute project with 12 of these sets as a Christmas gift for my husband. Check back after the big day for a full post on that one!

Ready to go? Click the image below to download your copy of the mini envelope template and get to gifting!

Free Printable Mini Envelope Template

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman