Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix! I’m not normally one to geek out over a TV show, but Gilmore Girls holds a very fond place in my heart.

When I was a teenager, my mom and I watched it together. Lorelai and Rory’s life was nothing like ours, and our relationship wasn’t much like their either, but we so enjoyed their witty reparte. I was charmed by Stars Hollow and could never quite decide which boy I wanted Rory to be with. I think my mom liked it for its teachable moments, times when the show got us talking about Big Deal Life Stuff.

My college roommate and BBFFL Kimmie was even more obsessed than I was and owned all the seasons on DVD. Occasionally I would be feeling socially maxed out and would grab my lunch from the caf to-go and sneak off to my dorm room to eat in between classes. More times than one might expect, I found Kimmie there, her lunch in hand, too, and we would take one look at each other and say, “Gilmore Girls?!” We would enjoy a quiet lunch hour break with an episode of our show. We were never too socially maxed out for each other, Lorelai, and Rory.

One of our favorite episodes was the one where Logan invited Rory to a secret society event and they end up doing a crazy umbrella jump together:

This sentiment gets echoed at the end of the series when Rory has a big decision to make. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say Kimmie and I had dramatically differing opinions on whether she made the right one!

Anywho, I must have talked about it enough that Andy heard me. We actually broke up for a short time one summer in college. I somehow had an overwhelming feeling that it wasn’t really the end for us, but we went several days without talking. When we eventually did get in touch again, Andy referenced that line in our conversation. You could say he had me at, “You jump, I jump, Jack.” It was sweet, and we jumped.

There are literally not enough free hours in my life to sit down and re-watch every. single. episode, but I’m excited that it will be available. Sometimes I just want a comfort show–you know, the TV version of a bowl of macaroni and cheese or chicken noodle soup. And I’d say Gilmore Girls is that and more for me.

What’s your comfort show? Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman