On Sunday, we went and adopted a cat from the humane society!


Yeah, I wore an Octocat shirt to adopt a cat. SO SUE ME.

She’s acclimating pretty well, I’d say. She’s very sweet when you come up to her, though she hasn’t necessarily started seeking out our company yet.

She’s fascinated by little noises and sensations, like the air coming from the air conditioning vent.


She likes her bed a lot and goes to town kneading on it (which is good, rather than kneading the furniture!)


She likes trying to see under doors (especially at the vet, when she heard dogs) and hiding behind the curtains.


She gets playful every night at around 9:30 but so far has been too shy to actually approach any of her toys!


We had our first vet visit today and she did very well. She walked right into the carrier when I put a treat in there, and then did the same for the vet. The vet said she is “food motivated.” Sounds about right to be a cat of mine!


We’d been talking about bringing home a cat for a long time, and I’m very content with our decision! Something about having a little creature to take care of just brings me joy. I know we’re going to have a lot of fun with Kira in our lives.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman