Going to a conference is exhausting! I was so far off my normal routine this past week. On Wednesday and Thursday I attended the Great Wide Open conference here in Atlanta. Then on Friday I traveled to Athens with two friends to volunteer as a coach at the Rails Girls Athens event. (Likely more on both of those later). Both were really good experiences, but man did I feel worn out by the time Sunday morning rolled around! It didn’t help that it was grey and dreary outside. I managed to get myself together to make the grocery list and meal plan as usual, because it does make such a difference once the work week starts, but I got in some good relaxing time as well. This week is shaping up to be a little crazy again, but I’ve come to embrace Laura Vanderkam’s conclusion that there are no typical weeks.

leftover pizza

I have jury duty, so I have no idea whether I’ll be free to go to work for part of the day or whether I’ll be at the courthouse all day! Or if I’ll end up on a trial all week…eek!
creamy taco soup
chips and salsa
sliced avocado

oven-roasted sausage and potatoes

pizza at the Atlanta Ruby Users Group

Andy and I are going to an event near my work, so he’ll make his way there beforehand and we’ll grab dinner somewhere.

hashbrown and sausage casserole

beef with broccoli
brown rice
frozen dumplings

What’s on your plate this week?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman