Y’all, my menu plan this week is kind of wacky! Andy is out of town, and whenever that’s the case I do a weird combination of treating myself to eating out and winging it on random bits and pieces at home. I like to use up things I have on hand and it’s easier to do that when you’re only feeding one!

Sunday store-bought sushi (Kroger’s is actually pretty good!) steamed edamame sliced mango

Monday veggie quesadilla (literally one quesadilla, because I have two tortillas…) chips and guacamole frozen corn

Tuesday frozen pizza salad

Wednesday out at local food trucks (anyone want to come?!)

Thursday slow-cooker navy bean soup bread and cheese

Friday family in town - out to eat

Saturday family in town - out to eat

Sunday (went ahead and planned for this meal since my weekend will be busy) Pennsylvania Dutch meat pies (partial recipe using long-frozen puff pastry) salad

***The quesadilla and meat pie recipes are from this month’s All You magazine, so I can’t find them online to link to yet! If they’re good I’ll report back and share the deets.

What’s on your plate this week?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman