I felt SO uninspired this week when I was making my menu plan and grocery list! The only thing that popped into my head was that I was in the mood to have chili one night. I also wanted something festive to eat while watching the Super Bowl but I didn’t want to expend much effort as it feels like I’ve been cleaning the kitchen every time I turn around lately. My mental inventory of the freezer and pantry turned up a few things, so that helped. Some meal planners suggest making a list of meals that are not necessarily assigned to a night, and although I arbitrarily listed these for certain days I’m feeling like whims might take over. I don’t know–Andy’s been out of town for a week, plus I was home for a couple of days due to the snowpocalypse that hit Atlanta, so somehow I was just feeling like I couldn’t imagine planning dinners for a normal week! Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

I found some all-natural hot dogs on Manager’s Special at Kroger, along with a chef salad kit marked down to $1.59. I picked up some buns and some frozen waffle fries, and voila! My festive Super Bowl meal for one.

Chili night!
(along with the requisite crackers, cheese, etc for topping)
roasted broccoli

Maybe we will go to trivia and eat there.

artichoke chicken skillet over quinoa
My book club last week was canceled, so I conveniently have everything on hand to make this.

I’m going to attempt some variation of bulgogi beef hot pot. One of the things I bought in my end-of-the-month Trader Joe’s splurge was some marinated bulgogi beef short ribs. I picked up some rice noodles, mushrooms, and cabbage. It sort of seems like a “how bad could it be?” kind of dish, but I guess we’ll find out!

baked cheddar eggs and potatoes

I’m hanging out with a newly-moved-to-town friend during the day and hoping it will morph into dinner, or at least picking up some takeout.

I feel good about the few recipes I picked, but geez! It was pulling teeth this week. I barely even used any coupons.

How do you plan around dinner-cooking ruts? What’s on your plate this week?

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Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman