As I’ve written before, a lot of weeks I end not cooking at least one of the meals I had planned on. For example, last week, on Thursday I worked the late shift at work (12-8 instead of 9-5) and had picked up take-out Singapore noodles for lunch, and I ended up eating the leftovers for dinner. Then, on Friday, Andy made last-minute dinner plans with a newly-returned-to-Atlanta friend and co-worker, so I ate a personal sized frozen pizza with avocado on it and Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Crunch ice cream. Ahem. Somehow having the meal plan actually helps me feel MORE freedom to be random like that. And I’m also realizing that for my general sanity and to make time to accomplish things I want to accomplish some nights ya just have to say CHUCK IT! and eat whatever you eat. This week might be a little less random, but it also might not be! :-)

unstuffed cabbage roll skillet
Oddly enough I had planned to make this last week with ground turkey that I actually didn’t have in the freezer, so it worked out for the best that I didn’t get to it! Hah.

chicken noodle casserole
Last week I found a rotisserie chicken on Manager’s Special at Kroger AND I used a coupon on it..woo hoo! I shredded and froze it as soon as I got home, so I’m using the meat this week.

Henri’s po-boys
I’m picking up a catering tray for a work event and just decided to be wild and crazy and pick up sandwiches for Andy and me while I was there! This place is sort of an Atlanta staple that I’ve never tried.
frozen tater tots
cut-up fruit

chicken avocado soup
cheese quesadillas
carrots and hummus

cheesy chicken parm meatballs w/ fettuccine

My parents are coming to visit and we’re going to a Hawk’s game, so we’ll grab arena food. Yummy every once in awhile!

Out again, this time at Manuel’s Tavern for a monthly installment of the Atlanta Science Tavern. Yep, for real.

What’s on your plate this week?

I’m linking up with Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman