I’m back in the menu plan saddle! We have our CSA box getting dropped off this week, so I’m not sure yet what our produce situation will be. I’ve left the side items in my menu plan vague or non-existent in hopes that we’ll get some good stuff. :-) I think greens season is upon us, so I’ll have to figure out ways to cook those that we both like…

Sunday leftovers! Despite the lack of a plan last week, I ended up cooking a lot, so we have a lot to choose from: burritos, southwestern sausage quiche, beef tips over egg noodles….yum! I need to make room in the fridge before I can go grocery shopping!

Monday Lipton noodle soup (about to expire from our emergency food supply, so need to eat it…plus it’s a guilty pleasure comfort food of mine!) cheese and crackers (bought some delicious herbed soft cheese on Manager’s Special yesterday.) salad

Tuesday pizza quesadillas with kale and homemade marinara fruit

Wednesday green onion pork burgers sauteed cabbage

Thursday crockpot Hawaiian barbecue chicken on Hawaiian rolls (I see what I did there.)

Friday vegetable pot pie

Saturday baked club pinwheels using pimento cheese (!!!) chips (I bought several bags in Kroger’s last Mega Event.)

What’s on your plate this week?

I’m linking up with Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman