The year started off for me with more of a whimper than a bang. I was laid out sick on New Year’s Eve and binged an entire season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I didn’t see midnight; at 11:26pm I was conked out. But I slept like a rock until 8:52 the next morning and woke up feeling fine. I watched the Bulldogs lose their bowl game and powered through putting the Christmas decorations away in preparation for heading back to work the next day. By the evening of the 2nd, my fever was back! So I worked from home in my sweats for the next two days. So much for getting back to the grind.

It’s difficult to make resolutions when you are fundamentally happy with your life. I’ve mostly caught up on laundry, I’ve cut back the dead plants in the backyard and under the mailbox, and I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Andy and I have planned out some vacations for the year. I could expend a lot of mental energy and a fair amount of effort on minor tweaks and optimizations, say, setting an SLA on folding the laundry…but honestly I don’t think the ROI would be worth it. I’m mostly pretty efficient, and I’m mostly organized enough. I’m content.

I’ve stuck with Pilates for a year now. I remembered in my first Sunday morning class of the year that I had started going as a semi-resolution last year. And I’ve finally decided I somewhat like to run. I’m already signed up for a 15K in February and will find another fun half marathon to run in 2019.

This will be the year I commit to volunteering with the cats at Lifeline Animal Project more regularly and finally find a way to read to kids. I’d also like to make new candles out of the bits of wax left from old candles. And, I’m going to plan to read one book every month that I already own.

That’s it! Those are my big plans for the new year. And maybe you’ll see me back here periodically.

Here’s to books, cats, traveling, and eating relatively well in 2019!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman