I have come to really love Saturdays. For one thing, Friday seems to be the only night of the week that I pretty consistently sleep like a log, so even if I wake up at my usual time on Saturday morning, I typically feel well-rested. (And then there are also nights like 2 Fridays ago when I sleep for 11 hours!) It’s just nice not having time commitments or things pulling A. and me in different directions. We haven’t gotten to the point of being super busy in Atlanta yet, though our weeknights are starting to fill up, so we often end up doing random little things together on our Saturdays. It’s usually nothing too out of the ordinary, but it’s together, and it’s done without worry of what else should be getting done. I love it.

This past Saturday I slept until about 8 and woke up feeling awesome. I read some blogs for awhile and did a couple of other random things around the apartment. After A. was up and going, we walked to CVS to buy our last few items for the Operation Christmas Child boxes (update to come!) and then walked a little farther to this hip burger place called Yeah! Burger. All the meat is free range, organic, etc. Lemme tell ya, that was a GOOD burger. On the way home we stopped at Publix to get a few things to prepare for watching a football game with friends later on, and we took a different route home so we could see a part of the neighborhood we hadn’t seen before. The weather was beautiful, and it was so nice to be out together.

When we got home I did some super exciting laundry (which I’m finding to be less and less of a big deal the longer we live here…I’ve got my system down, I think!) and remade the bed. We watched Jeopardy together, and A. mopped the kitchen. In the evening we went over to some friends’ apartment to watch Mississippi State whoop up on Kentucky, and we ate some delicious “tailgate” food even though we weren’t tailgating.

You see? It was nothing large-scale special, but somehow it’s those slow-paced, normal days that I crave during the week when I’m feeling grouchy about work or not on top of things I want to take care of at home. Come Sunday, I always seem to get angsty about the week to come (which is fruitless, I know), but on Saturday, life is fine and the livin’ is easy.

What’s your favorite day of the week? Mine has always varied depending on life circumstances (classes, extracurriculars, etc.), but for now it’s holding steady where it is.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman