My last two posts have both been sort of melancholy, so here's an anecdote to lighten the mood a bit.

I used to have a shirt for Yale's squash team. I don't really know why. My parents and I went to New Haven and were being touristy, and I thought it was a cool shirt. (I also bought a Yale swimming shirt, which made much more sense.) I don't even know exactly what the sport of squash entails.

But that's not really what this post is about.

It's about Squash: The Vegetable.

I really like squash. I also like cucumber and zucchini, so I think it must be something about the structure of the seeds within them. I bought like 800 (okay, maybe more like 8) yellow squash at the grocery store the other day, because I am a young cook and have no idea how much these things yield. I was going to make a squash casserole that called for 6 cups of diced squash, whatever that means. All I knew was I had a bunch of squash.

But then life happened, and we have spent all week nibbling on the hashbrown casserole I made last weekend, so heck if I was going to add ANOTHER casserole to the fridge. So instead, I just made steamed squash with onions. And apparently, 8 squash (18...800...however many I had) yields a LOT of little squash discs. Oops. But as I said, I like squash, which I decisively exclaimed after eating my portion.

However, Hubby is not as fond of squash. In fact, Hubby did not even eat his squash. (He did eat his salad though, so we don't have to make him stay at the table until he finishes his vegetables.)

The moral of this story is, ask your husband if he likes squash before you cook dinner, or you'll end up with a large container of it in the fridge like we now have!

Maybe we can play squash with it? Or maybe I will just go heat it up for lunch. :-)

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman