The majority of the links I have to share with you this week are about food. SORRY NOT SORRY. I like reading recipes online, what can I say?

  • Peach syrup, Jack Daniels, and ginger ale? [Fill my glass!](
  • I totally want to [go to Florida]( and do all of these things: tiki bars? Cuban food? mermaids?!
  • [Baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms]( I wonder how well this would keep leftover? I could see making a big batch over the weekend to eat for breakfast all week!
  • I love looking at this [nourish bowl]( and I wish one would appear to me every day for lunch. But I doubt I would ever have it together enough to have all the ingredients on hand in order to make this easily.
  • My first obligatory share from Seth Godin, but it's a good one: ["Treat different people differently. Anything else is a compromise."](
  • My week in tweets:

    The pan got hot enough that it SCORCHED a wooden trivet. SCORCHED.

    There’s talk that Parenthood might not be renewed for a sixth season! So sad!

    Oh right, and we closed on our first place!

    What’s the best thing you’ve read this week? Did you have any grease geysers? Or buy a home? Or, you know, eat anything good?

    Laura Lindeman

    Laura Lindeman