Take a walk with me.

Walk in the Woods

It’s not a walk down memory lane, though. Instead, it’s a walk into the future. Into what this year will hold. In plain English, a list of my goals for this little blog in 2015.

  • publish three posts per week
    Plenty of people advocate posting every day. That’s great, and I’ve done it before. But it feels overwhelming to me and doesn’t make me more committed to this space than I already am. There may be weeks where I publish evey day but for starters 3 days will be my sweet spot.

  • include a picture in every post and its corresponding tweet
    I’m really bad at pictures. I think I get it from my mom, who frequently forgot to bring the camera to important life events when I was growing up. (It’s okay, Mama!) But there are all kinds of statistics about how much better posts and tweets with pictures do. Plus, I know that even I am sometimes turned off when I encounter a big, uninterrupted block of text. So my sake and yours, I’ll be using pictures.

  • set up an email newsletter
    This will probably happen sooner rather than later. Again, there’s so much benefit to having a list of email addresses. Feed readers can change or go defunct, Facebook and Twitter can be fickle, and having a cadre of faithful subscribers is a much safer way to build your tribe. Right now most of my traffic comes from social, and I’d like to begin shifting that. First step is to figure out what I have to say in a newsletter, and then figure out what value I can provide to entice folks to sign up…

  • reach a daily visitors count of over 100
    …consistently. My traffic count is all over the place right now. Some days I have spikes up to 75 or so, and other days it’s more like 20. I’d love to hit a reliable count in the triple digits.

  • contribute one guest post per month
    Self-explanatory. I want to write, and not just for myself (though that would be reason enough). Email me if you’d like me to share my words on your blog!

  • identify one bloggerly conference to attend checkmark
    I’ll be attending Story 2015 in Nashville in October. Storytelling is really why I do this. Plus I have a dream of creating a kit to help people tell their own stories. My goal here is to connect with other creatives and hone my own storytelling abilities.

  • revisit my abandoned 31 Days series and publish it as an e-book
    Not precisely a blog goal, but definitely related. I felt like I had a lot of valuable information to write back in October about how my husband and I craft our budget, but I just lost my mojo. I think the topic is well-suited to small self-published e-book. Plus, working on a bigger project and figuring out the publishing aspect will be great experience for me.

That’s the bulk of it! I have some personal goals that will likely overlap with the content on this blog, but as far as specific blog goals these seven should do it.

I’d love your input about content you’d enjoy reading. You can take my survey here and be entered to win a Friday Night Lights quote print. Entries close tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman