Well, I picked a crummy week to drop off the face of the blog planet: the week when I’ve asked YOU to chime and give me some feedback! Work has been crazy lately, and I’ve been feeling exhausted and crummy and not witty enough to come regale the internet with tales of my life. But this morning I all of a sudden caught a whiff of “I’m going to be okay,” perhaps because it’s the Friday of a long weekend, perhaps because I got enough sleep last night, and perhaps because I cleared some things off my desk at work.

ANYWAY, I’ve been monitoring the polls and I’m excited to share some results with you! I’ll keep voting “open” through the weekend and run the entries through random.org for the giveaway on Monday, so take the polls and enter if you haven’t yet!

As I somewhat assumed, 84% of you read this blog because you know me (at least among the 19 people who voted). It’s great to have supportive friends and family who take the time to check out the blog, but I’d also love to get more involved in some blogging communities that may bring in more “outsiders.”

16 people answered the question about how they read my blog, and I was pleased the 44% of them are subscribed via a feed reader such as Google Reader. I’ll definitely keep that in mind as I format posts, and it will be useful information to have if I ever move toward monetizing through some ads here.

8 out of 16 people were satisfied with the post variety as it is, so I guess that’s good. :-) But a surprising 7 of you want to see more self-reflective posts. It was eye opening to me to find out that you guys want to know what’s going on in my head! Those are definitely the hardest posts for me to write but usually the most rewarding in terms of feedback, so I will try to begin incorporating more of those. (Along a similar line, Thoughtful Thursday and Monday Musings blew the competition out of the water for the title of your favorite post category.)

In thinking about narrowing the focus of my blog a bit, I gleaned some feedback from you that coupons and recipes are not why you come here. There are plenty of other resources for those, and especially since I’m not posting original coupon matchups or my own recipe creations, perhaps I just don’t have much to add to the online conversation in those areas. It’s a good reminder that just because I do something regularly (and well) or enjoy it doesn’t mean it has to be a main focus of my blog! I may keep Frugal Friday around for the time being because I enjoy it, but I think Tasty Tuesday will get nixed (especially because I’m so bad at taking pictures for it!). If you’d like to know what I’m cooking, you can follow me on Pinterest.

Though it was a somewhat arbitrary question, I got a lot of responses that people would like to read posts from me 3 days a week. That was refreshing to learn, because I sometimes get caught in the trap of comparing myself to big-name bloggers who post EVERY DAY and surely get thousands of hits on every post. I typically have between 15 and 50 unique visitors every day, and it varies widely by day of the week. So as I move forward, I’ll probably shoot for 3 posts a week, which I think is super doable!

This is all probably more interesting to me than it is to you, since it concerns my blog and decisions I may make about its direction, but I thought I would share just so you’d know your voice was heard! While Unpunctuated Life may not be a democracy, for this week at least, it was a parliament, and I appreciate your thoughts!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and check back Tuesday to see who won the copy of Same Kind of Different as Me!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman