It finally feels like winter here in Atlanta, and the items I’m crushing on right now make that plain.

I got this base-layer pullover for our backpacking trip, but I actually really just love it in general. I probably should have bought it a size down for it to be a true, tight-fitting base layer, but instead I can basically wear it as a sweatshirt. The wool is SO soft, and I love the thump-loops in the sleeves. That was actually my main criteria in searching for a base-layer to buy. :-)

I took this tea backpacking with us too, and it is delicious! I remember enjoying it in college but I hadn’t had it in awhile. It smells great and just seems warm and cozy.

I’m also loving these treats that someone sends the organization where I work every year! I literally look forward to getting these each Christmas. And, they benefit a good cause, so it’s a win-win.

And finally, it took so long to get cold that I resisted the flannel sheets for awhile, but I’m enjoying their coziness now. These are the nicest flannel sheets. Andy and I bought some the first year we were married that were on clearance from J.C. Penney for like $20, and I thought they were nice, but then we got these as a gift and I learned just how wrong I had been. They’re thick and cozy and a nice color.

I promise I wasn’t perked or given any of these items. I just really enjoy them all!

What are you loving this winter?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman