I’m not a big “product junkie.” If I have fun money to spend, I’m MUCH more likely to take myself out to lunch or buy a fancy cheese at the grocery store than to buy a new shampoo. My makeup routine, such as it is, takes me about 4 minutes in the morning, and on the days I do anything to my hair I just blowdry it an straighten it. Any additional product seems to make it greasy! But occasionally I find an item I really like, and these are a few of them.

Covergirl CG Smoothers Concealer:

I DO wear concealer consistently under my eyes, because no matter how much sleep I’ve gotten, I seem to have dark circles. I recently bought this brand at Publix because it was on sale and I had both a store and a manufacturer’s coupon. It ended up costing me something like $2.99. But you know what? It goes on really smoothly and blends in easily so that I’m not tugging on the skin under my eyes with vigorous rubbing. (That is supposed to keep me from getting wrinkles later, right? RIGHT?!) And it provides a nice level of coverage. So who needs the department store makeup counter when you can buy this guy at Publix!

Osmo Clay Wax:

I acquired this at work. A salon that was discontinuing a line of products donated some stuff to our thrift store, and we as a staff were quite excited to try it all out. As I mentioned earlier, I tend to be wary of hair products, but a coworker of mine said she swears by hair wax, so I snatched it up. It’s really nice! If I put it in my hair while it’s wet and do a little scrunching, it helps the natural wave come out, and a tiny bit before I straighten it kept the flyaways to a minimum without making it gross.

I’ve also had a weird thing lately of wanting to have nice soap in the bathroom. I think what started it is the nice soap in the bathrooms at church. It is minty and moisturizing and I really love washing my hands there. On my quest I have tried Method's foaming handwash:

and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in Basil:

and a lavender scented one from Trader Joe’s.

Unfortunately I haven’t loved any of them! We seemed to go through the Method really quickly because of how much it squirted out with each pump, and the Mrs. Meyer’s didn’t sud up very nicely. I was also disappointed that the only refill available on the Method was the unscented variety (though none of the scents seemed that strong in the first place).

So I’m still on the hunt for soap I like! Do you have a favorite hand soap?

And in the non-beauty-related product realm, Andy and I have really enjoyed these containers that my dad randomly bought us off of Amazon:

It holds a lot of salad, and it’s nice that the non-lettuce ingredients are kept separate. Plus the little dressing container holds the perfect amount of dressing and so far has been leak-proof.

I guess you could argue that this is a beauty product because it encourages you to take a healthy lunch to work, which keeps you looking your best…okay, stopping now…

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman