A little holiday called Valentine’s Day is coming up in about ten days. I know, I know, it’s a Hallmark holiday, it’s a cliche, we should show our love every day, yada yada yada. I get it. But look, I’m a gift person. I like getting gifts, and I like giving gifts. Last year, Valentine’s Day fell right after the second Snowpocalypse in Atlanta, and I apologized to Andy that my gift to him was hung up somewhere and might not be delivered on time. He responded, “Oh, you got me a gift?!” Yes, honey, I did, because gifts are what I do!

If gifts are not your love language, then look no further! I have some out-of-the-box suggestions for you, and you still have plenty of time.

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Some highlights:

  • Bear Hugs Gummies from PaperSource
    Bear Hugs Gummies
    Who doesn’t need a bear hug every now and then?

  • Rose Earrings by lesthings on Etsy
    Rose Earrings
    source Beautiful and delicate, a much longer-lasting alternative to a bouquet!

  • Stay Awesome Stamp by A Sensible Habit
    Stay Awesome Stamp
    A cute reminder for anyone you like! (Who says Valentine’s Day has to be only ooey gooey and lovey dovey? It’s fun to pamper friends, too!)

  • Coupe Glasses and Pink Champagne
    Pink Moscato Bubbly and Coupe Glasses
    Indulge a little! Coupe glasses feel fancy no matter what you’re drinking, and the pink wine is girly treat.

  • So Worth Loving tank
    So Worth Loving tank
    I’ll choose comfy over sexy any day, and this tank has a wonderful message as well.

  • iPhone Camera Lenses
    Olloclip camera phone lenses
    All the better to take your closeup with, my dear!

Inject some whimsy into your Valentine’s Day this year. Go out for breakfast instead of for dinner. Wear pink. Watch the movie. Giggle with your sweetheart. Buy your cat a treat. It’s about love–find your way to show it!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman