I’ve been in a clothes slump lately. Some of it is the weather; I find this time of year nearly impossible to dress for, because it tends to be cool in the mornings but warm by the afternoon! And when it’s sunny, I immediately want to wear light, springy clothes, but it’s not quite time for them yet, even in Atlanta. (Similarly, I excitedly switched out from our flannel sheets this week and then found myself shivering under the cotton sheets and coverlet one night when it was in the 30s…hah.)

Normally my response to  clothes slump would be to go out thrifting and just buy some things that make me happy, but I’ve been reading a blog called Putting Me Together that’s inspired me to put a bit more thought into what I bring into my closet. I’ve never really been into fashion, and in fact am sort of turned off by most fashion magazines and blogs because the clothes are over-the-top and expensive and I could never envision myself wearing them. But Audrey at Putting Me Together shops at Target and is all about finding clothes to fit your lifestyle…amen! In fact, she’s done a series lately called “Wardrobe from Scratch” that I’m hoping to try to follow, and I’ll report back here as I go!

I started with a ruthless purge of my closet on Saturday that filled one big trash bag and several regular plastic grocery bags with clothes. If my initial reaction was that I didn’t love it, it went in the bag. I’m planning to get the bags out as soon as I can so I’m not tempted to second guess myself! Some things I’m taking straight to the thrift store, but I’m going to try to sell some at Plato’s Closet in order to help fund step 2 of my wardrobe venture. Some of the clothes are fine but I’ve just had them for so long that I decided I could let go of them.

Though my lifestyle is fairly casual, I’ve decided I want to feel more polished, so that’s the word that’s going to inspire my wardrobe revision.

My next goal is to give some thought to Audrey’s color palette and then to use her Starter Kit Shopping List to make a fairly specific list of things to shop for. I’m hoping to take a trip to one of the outlet malls near Atlanta to try and get high-quality items, because I think that really is worth it. I’m already working on reminding myself that I might go shopping and not find anything, but that not being intentional about shopping is what got me here in the first place. If it’s not on my list, I won’t be allowed to buy it! It’s a little overwhelming to think about, but I think it’ll be worth it to invest a good chunk of time and money into making sure I have great clothes in which I feel great about myself.

How do you approach shopping? Have you successfully overhauled your wardrobe at any point?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman