I posted a couple of weeks ago about purging my closet in order to revamp my wardrobe, and then I left you hanging! Trust me, I’ve left myself hanging, too. I get sort of tunnel vision about a project, so I’ve been thinking about clothes a LOT since I wrote that post. I just haven’t had the time to go shopping!

Here’s what I’m looking to add to my wardrobe:

  • flare/bootcut jeans for everyday wear with sneakers
  • straight, slim jeans to wear with flats
  • slim black pants to wear with flats
  • grey dress pants to wear with heels
  • lace top
  • top with fun sleeves
  • sailor shirt with button details
  • wrap or faux-wrap top
  • white t-shirt(s), white camisoles
  • black cotton cardigan
  • grey cotton cardigan
  • flowy grey open cardigan
  • bright long cardigan with pockets
  • grey sheath dress
  • navy blousy dress with polka dots
  • flowy skirt with high, wide waistband
  • black skirt
  • grey skirt

It looks like a lot when I type it all out! (I’ll likely ending up getting rid of a few more things as I purchase new stuff–some of my less favorite pairs of jeans, for example.) But what I’ve been gleaning from Audrey at Putting MeTogether is that you want to have options so that your wardrobe is “remixable.” That’s where I’m really struggling. I have a pretty good sense of what I like, what I feel comfortable in, and what works well on my body, but I’m not good at putting together “outfits.” So I’m hoping if I have some versatile pieces I’ll be able to begin playing with that.

My list is also sort of all over the place. Some of the items are really specific, and I can almost picture them in my head (which will likely make them impossible to shop for), while others are much more vague. A “lace top” could be just about anything. I also struggled with nailing down a color palette (though I lean toward the blue/green side of the spectrum for sure). I really find I just like all the colors! I am drawn to brights and it’s hard for me to envision turning down a shirt I love just because it’s not in my color scheme. So I’m not sure if I’ll stick to one or not. I did pick black and grey as my neutrals, though, which was mostly pragmatic. Audrey encourages branching out as far as what you consider a neutral, but honestly most of my nice shoes are black and just about all of my jackets, so I didn’t want to completely start over with that. I’ll likely throw some tans and nudes in the mix as well. I guess once I got down to it I was much more noncommittal than I initially intended to be! The main thing I’m trying to keep in mind is my goal of looking more polished. I think as long as that inspires my pieces I’ll be good to go.

I’m having a hard time envisioning shoes, as well. It seems like every time I picture an outfit I’m also picturing a specific style of shoe with it, but it’s just not practical to have that many pairs of shoes! Comfort is really important to me shoe-wise, so I’m a bit picky. I haven’t figured out yet how to address this situation.

I’ve tried to look online for some of these things to at least have inspiration pictures, but I honestly don’t seem to have an eye for that. If you have any suggestions based on my list I’d love to see them! And I’ll definitely try to report back with pictures as I purchase items.

Where are your favorite places to shop for good quality, versatile clothing items? Do you put much thought into what you wear?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman