Andy really likes grapefruits. So, as a housewarming or maybe college graduation gift, my mom bought him a couple of grapefruit spoons. You know, these little guys: A regular looking spoon with a serrated edge, meant to let you dig into the individual sections of a grapefruit when it’s cut in half.

This would seem to be great fodder for Unclutterer’s Unitasker Wednesday series, although not a horrific offender because they’re so small.

BUT! I have found that they’re pretty useful for miscellaneous other things! In fact, I’ve rarely if ever used one on an actual grapefruit.

Some of the tasks I’ve pulled out the grapefruit spoon for to good success include scraping the seeds out of a jalapeno pepper and scooping the flesh cleanly out of an avocado.

These aren’t major kitchen tasks, but it’s nice having a tool that does them so well! As weird as it sounds, the grapefruit spoon works for me.

Have you found any unconventional uses for items that might seem friviolous?

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Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman