I’m (hopefully) on the getting-over-it side of what I officially dub The Crud. I woke up last Tuesday with a scratchy throat, which lingered the rest of the work week. I took Mucinex religiously, in an attempt to break up The Crud. By Friday, I thought I was on the upswing…until I hardly got any sleep due to not being able to breathe throughmy nose. Ruh roh.

Saturday I was working at the thrift store, so I had to buck up! I blew my nose about 8000 times an hour and kept slathering on the hand sanitizer in an attempt to not gross out the customers. I had that scratchy, allergic feeling in my eyes, so I took an antihistamine before A. and I went to a community event and out to a late dinner that night. After another restless night of little sleep, I decided I needed to Just Stop.

So Sunday I set up residence on our couch and hardly moved. I didn’t even pretend to try and take a shower or put on real clothes. I never even put in my contacts! I watched 4 episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and the movie Gosford Park on Netflix and felt no shame. I did blog a little, organize my coupons, and plan my meals and grocery trips, but all from my cocoon of blankets on the couch.

I even slept on the couch Sunday night, since my restless sleeping had been disturbing A. as well. And miraculously, I slept! I woke up at 8 Monday morning (the absolute latest I can sleep and still make it to work, oops!) feeling moderately rested! I’m still on the Mucinex–out of Zyrtec and DayQuil I feel like its the winner, and the skin on my poor nose is cracked and dry like a desert, but I am rejoining the world! Hopefully I’ll keep coughing and it’ll pass on through.

So that’s my Tuesday tip for ya: take a break when your body tells you to. Ain’t no shame in it! And take Mucinex. The End.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman