I’m a gift person. I just am; it’s my love language. So I’ll take any excuse to give and get gifts. But I don’t have the stereotypical overly sappy and romantic expectations for Valentine’s Day. I just think it’s fun! I don’t really think it’s worth it for people to get their panties in a wad over whether it’s a fake Hallmark holiday, or whether you have a date or not, etc etc. Throw on some pink and eat some chocolate and enjoy it!

Like many in the Southeast, I’m currently sitting at home listening to ice pellets hit my window. The roads are toast–the weathermen have told us that wherever we are right now is where we’re going to be for the next day or so. Luckily, my Valentine’s Day is all set. (Well, except for the one gift that is supposed to be delivered tomorrow that may or may not make it…) But some of you might be thinking, “Crap! I was planning to pick up x, y, and z on my way home from work tomorrow, but now I can’t get out!” Well, have no fear, because here are some easy gift ideas you can make happen right from your comfy chair!

  • **Gift a Kindle book:** If you share an account, just have it delivered to their preferred reading device and let them know. We did this for our dads for Christmas, and I printed out a picture of the cover, glued it to a piece of cardboard, and wrapped it so they'd have something to open. Or, if you don't share an Amazon account, there's an option to "Give as a gift." My dad does this all the time. This will send the recipient an email prompting them to go download their gift. You have the option of writing a little note with it too. Here's a book I just bought for us to read together: It came recommended by several sources, and I thought it was a good nod to Valentine's Day. Books not your person's thing? You could do something similar with an mp3 album or a movie from iTunes!
  • **Make heart-shaped everything:** Even a normal meal feels a little bit special if the foods are shaped like hearts. Last year I made us peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches that I cut into hearts. Simple! And if you're trapped at home because of an ice storm you've surely got bread on hand. Right? RIGHT?! Or how cute is this heart-shaped bacon?!
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  • **Put together a Spotify playlist:** It doesn't have to be all traditional sappy love songs. Think about songs that have meaning for your relationship. They can be goofy, upbeat, anything! Here's one I'm digging right now: Or one that would be appropriate for us is this one that we recessed out to at our wedding: Plus you might get bonus points on this one if other people can see your playlist and start liking it...;-)
  • **Make an online donation in someone's honor:** A local nonprofit we like is doing [a fundraiser to plant daffodils](http://treesatlanta.org/news/daffodil-trees/). The card wouldn't get to you in time for Valentine's Day, but you could make your own. How's that for a variation on sending flowers? Or what about [a honeybee package through Heifer International](http://www.heifer.org/gift-catalog/animals-nutrition/honeybees-donation.html) that will transform the life of a family? Print out a picture from the website and ask, "Will you bee mine?" (See what I did there?)
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    So there you have it. Fun and easy ideas that won’t break the bank and that you can implement from home. It’s truly the thought that counts, and I hope this list will help you get into the spirit of the day.

    Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day?

    Laura Lindeman

    Laura Lindeman