May was riddled with abandoned books, and it made me sad. However, toward the end of the month I acknolwedged my reading slump and asked for help in the good ole Twitterverse, and my fans, er, my friends came through! I read one suggestion and really enjoyed it and am in the middle of a second. So perhaps I have broken the unfortunate streak.

What I abandoned (for now, at least):

The intro was fun but then I couldn’t quite get into the writing style of the body of the book.

Maybe I should watch the movie?

(Sorry, Kimmie!)

What I read:

I liked this better than I liked Sea Swept and will probably work my way through the trilogy. Partly, I mean, who doesn’t like to imagine a life in the beautiful Irish countryside?!

At the height of my slump I re-read a favorite from my adolescent years, after whose main character my cat is named! I read the whole Giver quartet a couple of summers ago, having not previously realized there was more than the original. Messenger might be my favorite of them, but I happened to have Gathering Blue on my bookshelf. It stands up, though I think Kira in the third book is the characterization that really inspired my cat’s name.

Finally, a winner! This novel had stories within stories within stories, and overlapping characters, and a fluid timeline, and I loved it. It galloped through the last few pages tying everything up in a really interesting and satisfying way. I felt like I was racing toward a finish line, and the triumphant click of my Kindle as I snapped it shut at the end was a good finale.

Any recommendations to keep me on the upward slope of my reading slump?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman