It’s no secret that I love flipping through catalogs, and Uncommon Goods is one of my favorites. I’ve ordered a few things from them: mostly gifts for other people, but our doormat is from them!

Uncommon Goods features unique items made by independent makers. They’re eco-conscious, and upon checkout you can choose from a few non-profits to have them make a donation to. And the stuff is just fun! And pretty! And whimsical! Some of it is pretty pricey, but that’s the tradeoff sometimes for choosing to support small enterprises.

Here are some of my favorite items from the most recent catalog I received:

I love having a nightlight in the bathroom so I don’t have the jarring sensation of needing to turn on the overhead lights in the middle of the night, and these are pretty to boot! I think I would pick the green one.

I’m not usually into bangles–I have trouble getting them over my hands, and they just hang so awkwardly on my wrist and get in the way. But I’ve been coming across this quote (“She believed she could, so she did.”) on the Internet a lot lately and I really like the sentiment, so I think I could put up with any bangle-awkwardness that was involved.

Okay, so this is pretty impractical, being that it only holds a single bottle of wine. But it’s so fun! Wine-o-saur.

I love a cute tea towel, and this one is actually about tea! I see what they did there. There are also coffee and cocktail varieties.

I don’t even use bar soap, but omg cute! The little wooden tray kills me. I like the rose best.

I don’t even like Shakespeare that much, but I like this sonnet art! I can’t even decide whether I like the seasons or the night and day the best! This falls into the “pricey” category, but it is beautiful.

What’s your favorite catalog to flip through?

I wasn’t perked or sponsored in any way by Uncommon Goods. I just like their stuff!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman