Andy is out of town all week, and I’m going pretty strong with leftovers! I’ll cook a few things, but my grocery list is definitely lighter this week.

leftover chicken noodle casserole (May I just say, this was pretty good, but I did NOT like the onions in it as in the original recipe. If I make it again I would probably saute them ahead of time so that they’re not as strongly flavored and there aren’t random crunchy bits throughout the soft casserole.)

cheesy chicken parm meatballs (that I never made last week) w/ fettucine
(This will be great to have leftovers for lunches several days throughout the rest of the week.)

leftover chicken avocado soup (the last of it)
chips and salsa (Wholly Salsa is on sale in Kroger’s Mega Event with a good coupon!)
cut-up pineapple

free food at Rails Girls meetup

Book club potluck! I’m making this chicken artichoke skillet and serving it over quinoa.

oven-roasted sausage and potatoes with banana peppers (I have everything on hand except the potatoes!)
broccoli (Yeah, so, I bought a LOT of broccoli last week when it was on sale for $1.00/lb…)

Annie Chun’s noodle bowl (on sale for $1.99, $0.50 off coupon…)
(Can you tell I lost my mojo by this point? Who knows, maybe I’ll end up making fun plans with a friend instead!)

What’s on your plate this week?

I’m linking up with Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman