Lately for some reason I’ve had pets on the brain. I’ve been noticing cute dogs all over the place, which is uncharacteristic, because I’ve always been a cat person. When I was growing up, we had as many as 5 at one time! And all of those were adopted from various places. They were all strays, or kittens of friends’ cats, though I’m not sure any of them came to us from a shelter.

Andy and I don’t have room for a pet right now. He didn’t grow up with pets, and I think having an animal in a one-bedroom apartment would be overwhelming to even the most seasoned pet-owner. But eventually, we’ll probably be in the market, and it will definitely be an adoption (especially if it’s a cat). Breed just doesn’t mean that much to me…but cuteness does!

Check out this little guy who is available at the Atlanta Humane Society: I know NOTHING about having a dog, but if I were to find a friendly little fluffball that seemed manageable I think I’d be game.

But now, to ensconce myself firmly in my own comfort zone, I’ll some utterly gratuitous pictures of the cute cats you could adopt.

This little guy’s name is Yoshi:

And here’s Missy:

Muriel looks like a sweetie:

Eef looks like a loveable mess:

And I’ve always been a sucker for a black cat:

Many of these babies are older, which I imagine would be harder: when you raise a cat from a kitten, it gets used to you and your house and your rules. But it is possible to incorporate an established cat! My parents have a tomcat (aptly name Tom) who gradually made his way from our porch into our house via a pillowcased visit to the vet. He has his quirks, and he’s definitely not a sweet lapcat, but he’s domesticated now.

Even though I’m not “in the market” for a pet I had fun browsing the Humane Society’s gallery! Are you a dog or a cat person? Where do you adopt or buy pets from?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman