July’s reading was all about the Book Riot challenge. I knocked out 5 books, and 3 of them counted toward my challenge.

This book was recommended to me by the ever-lovely Meredith Wiggins, and I heartily enjoyed it! I worried that I would wish I had read the original fairytale, but it stood well enough on its own. (Though, if anyone has read both and thinks it would have enhanced my reading, feel free to let me know.)

I expected to love this book, as I’m a sucker for a YA romance and boarding school books are my jam, but it fell a bit flat for me. It was a strange sort of book that didn’t fit neatly into any of the expectations I had for it.

I may be the only female on the planet who didn’t love this book, but sorry not sorry. It was disjointed and not very profound. Maybe if I had already loved Mindy Kaling from The Office it would have resonated more with me, but, as I didn’t, I was just annoyed by it. Also, the pictures came through terribly on the Kindle, for what that’s worth. I did enjoy talking about it with my book club, though.

A rather quiet book. This satisfied the Book Riot challenge task of “a book written by an author of the opposite sex from you.” It had been on my to-read list for awhile and fit the bill.

Another one I expected to love and didn’t. A bummer, as I absolutely devoured the other Rainbow Rowell books I’d read! I’m glad I waited to get this from the library rather than paying full price for it as I was oft-tempted to do. It was a fun book, but I wasn’t as sucked into the love story as I was in her other books.

In Rainbow Rowell news, though, I’m excited to hear that she is writing the Simon Snow story that we all fell for in Fangirl!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman