This lot has been for sale in our neighborhood for quite some time.

Andy and I just bought a tent recently

(which, yes, is set up in our living room here), so we figured the neighbors wouldn't mind if we bought the lot and just set up camp for awhile. With the money we'd be saving on utilities and rent, I'm sure we'd be able to build a house in, oh, you know, a few years. And we could acquire a set of these to make life a little more comfortable:

(camp shower)

(obvious, right?)

The lot has all the perks that real estate lingo talks up: desirable neighborhood, walk to MARTA, shops, and restaurants, access to walking path, good school district. All it's lacking is a house, and we've clearly got that pesky part taken care of! So the next time you come visit me, if all I can offer you for dinner is some Ramen noodles made with hot water from our Jet Boil, please bear with me. We're being frugal.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman