I’ve been feeling awfully uninspired about cooking lately. I guess because I’ve been feeling busy and stressed, cooking just hasn’t been that fun, and so I’m not excited about my menu plan every week. We’ve gotten takeout a couple of times. I keep looking at what I have on hand and not coming up with anything very exciting. The supplies in the freezer are dwindling, but I’m also trying to be better about getting back to using my coupons. We’ll see how this week goes…

spinach ravioli (didn’t cook it last week)
salad (Dole chopped salad blends are on sale and have a great coupon!)

I have a meeting at 6, so I’m throwing dinner in the crockpot. crockpot chunky beef stew (if I can find a reasonably priced roast)

We haven’t played with our trivia team in awhile, so I’m hoping we will this week! I like to have a quick/easy dinner planned the weeks we go play.
beans and ham (from the freezer)

savory chicken hand pies (that I will hopefully have made ahead of time…I got a rotisserie chicken for dinner on Friday, so I will use it up.)
cut-up fruit

tuna melts (English muffins are on sale buy one, get one free)
french fries
cut-up veggies

We’re heading to our first Christmas party of the season! There will be appetizers and desserts, so I’m thinking we’ll scarf down a sandwich or something before we go just to fill the gaps.

pasta carbonara (Bacon is on sale, and I have linguine in the pantry!)
some sort of vegetable

What’s on your plate this week?

I’m linking up with Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman