It’s Sunday as I write this and I woke up raring to go: I cleaned the kitchen and got right down to brass tacks with my meal planning and grocery list making. I organized my coupons the other day when I was stuck at home during the winter storm, so it felt more approachable than normal! And knowing I had several nights I didn’t need to plan for this week helped me feel more inspired to tackle the others.

We escaped the house for dinner on Thursday evening after being iced in for 2 days, so I still have the Trader Joe’s frozen tamales that I had planned to serve that night.
chips and salsa

Hormel Chili is on sale in Kroger’s Mega Event, so I set out to find a casserole to make with it. (I wanted something that would provide leftovers for several nights this week when I’ll be out.)
chili-cheese hashbrown casserole (I’m planning to skip the ground beef.)
cut-up fruit

I’ll be at my work’s annual Volunteer Appreciate Dinner, which was postponed from last week due to the weather, so Andy is on his own! (Thus the leftovers from last night.)

crockpot chicken and stuffing
frozen mixed vegetables

We’ve got several things going on this evening, and I might end up going out with the ladies from my book club, so I’m just going to wing it.

sweet and tangy smoked sausage
one-pot macaroni and cheese

chicken bacon and rice soup
cheese and crackers

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman