The past two weeks felt like a real coup of menu planning for me. We were out of town from Wednesday to Wednesday, but I had planned for the week we returned before we left and had everything I needed on hand to go ahead and have dinners for us without having to urgently go to the grocery store! The fridge looks pretty sad and empty, but we’ve had plenty of food. This week it’s back to normalcy, such as it is!

penne with Italian sausage
frozen vegetables

slow-cooker sweet and tangy meatballs on Hawaiian rolls
apple slices

I have to pick up catering for a board meeting at work, sooooo, we’ll just get to have take-out dinner from the same place!

I’ll be at Rails Girls, but I’m going to have Andy set up this easy crockpot roast and make some egg noodles and frozen vegetables.

Andy will be gone, but I’ll be able to eat leftovers from the night before!

green chicken chili enchiladas

I’ll be out with my book club to see Divergent! Not entirely sure what Andy will eat but we’ll figure it out.

What’s on your plate this week?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman