I am a firm believer in traveling with snacks. Even on any given normal day I more than likely have a granola bar, some nuts, an apple, or something similar with me. I do not do well with hunger. I’ve always gotten grumpy when I’m hungry, and if I go too long without having a snack I sometimes feel a little faint or even get a stomachache once I finally do eat. (Not to mention the trouble I have sleeping when I’m hungry.) Having snacks with me on a trip helps me be the master of my own fate and, especially if I’m traveling with other people, helps me go with the flow much more easily.

I put together a little snack pack for us to take on the last trip Andy and I went on:


I try to think protein for what I pack when I travel. I want to get a lot of bang for my buck as far as how filling the snack is compared with how much space it takes up. Thus the nuts and the pouches of almond butter. But I also try to think about what I might be missing or needing on my trip. I added some bags of Goldfish when I packed it all up because I thought if either of us was feeling yucky from flying or jet lag those would be good to settle the stomach. And I bought the Clif Kids fruit ropes because there’s not always a whole lot of fruit and veggies on vacation, so I thought fruity and sweet would be an appealing snack.

I put everything into individual bags and then into one big bag, which fit easily in the outer pocket of my roll-aboard suitcase!


My other tip for traveling is to indulge in the travel toiletries. I’m a sucker for those guys. I mean, look how cute they are.


At various points in my life I’ve tried to do the whole refillable tube thing, but then I sometimes forget what is in what, or I need to refill but don’t have the same product anymore, and that’s a pain to me. So, I just splurge a little on the cute tiny items. The above are the basics I need, and they JUST barely fit in the quart-sized zip-top bag for my plane carry-on!


I know some people (ahem, my dad, ahem) think toting around food is a pain. It is in some ways, but it just makes me feel so much more prepared. If I’m hungry in the middle of something, I don’t have to prioritize finding a snack. And while it may be more frugal or environmentally friendly not to buy toiletries every time, it just works for me.

Do you take snacks when you travel? How do you take care of your beauty routine on the road?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman