You’ve probably noticed from my weekly menu plans that I cook a lot of new recipes. Pinterest is my cooking Bible, and it makes so easy to find a recipe for any whim, including any ingredient, and at any skill level. But I think its good to reflect on what I’ve been cooking to make sure I remember what was good and what was bad! Sometimes a recipe is “bad” because the end result doesn’t taste good. Sometimes it’s “bad” because, while it may have been tasty, it wasn’t worth the effort. And sometimes a recipe is fine but just isn’t something I’m likely to make again. I try to remember to re-pin recipes I love on my Pinterest board called “Recipe Rockstars,” but I’m not always consistent about it, so it’s a good practice for me to revisit and share my finds with you here!

Here are a few rockstars from recent weeks that I should remember to include in my meal plans in the future:

  • [Sesame Tofu]( Cornstarch is the secret to the universe, y'all! These little cubes of tofu come out so crispy and the sauce just gloms right onto them. I feel like I get every pan in the kitchen dirty, and the recipe doesn't really make for leftovers, but it's worth it every now and then because it's so good.
  • [Oven-Roasted Potatoes, Sausage, and Peppers]( Who knew that I liked banana peppers?! I skipped them one time and discovered that their tang and crunch really make this recipe. It's so easy but hearty and good.
  • [Spinach-Artichoke Dip]( The Pioneer Woman's recipes tend to be more involved than I like, but this one was simpler than most. I took it to a party and it got rave reviews. However, I spent like $20 just on the cheese for this dip, so bear that in mind!
  • [Italian Wonderpot]( I didn't feel like I got this exactly right when I made it, but it was close enough to a homerun that I want to try it again and perfect it. What a delicious concept: yumminess and soft noodles all cooked together in a pot!
  • [Baked Cheddar Eggs]( A second potato recipe on this list, from the girl who says she can't cook a potato! This was creamy and delicious, and really easy. Win, win, and win.
  • [Creamy Coleslaw]( I feel like usually coleslaw is either tangy OR vinegar-y, but this one is both! And it holds up well; I portioned the leftovers out with our lunches over a few days.
  • [Chicken, Bacon, and Rice Soup]( I could skip the bacon in this but overall this was the epitome of comfort food. It has a can of cream of celery soup in it and you don't want to be a snob and skip that ingredient. It added a little pep to the broth and made it just a little thick and creamy. So good! Given how often I cook new recipes instead of old, let's not talk about the number of printed out/ripped-from-a-magazine recipes I have that I never look at! And not to mention the cookbooks! Oh la la! But I feed us well and, for the most part, I have fun cooking, and so I think that's what matters. **Have you cooked anything delicious lately?**

  • Laura Lindeman

    Laura Lindeman