I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having a KitchenAid mixer. Those beasts take up SPACE, y’all.

Everyone always tells me that if I had one I’d find uses for it. And that’s probably true. But I think that’s a crummy justification for acquiring more things. If I don’t have at least some critical mass of expected use cases for it, what value is it really going to add to my life?

And yet, there are some things that “everyone has” that I DO own and love, and that I coveted for some time before I got them. I have a Kate Spade iPhone case. I could have gotten a different cute iPhone case for less money, but for whatever reason I had to have the Kate Spade.

I’m fine with an indulgence if I can come up with a few justifications for it. I needed a phone case to protect the little guy, and I’d rather it be cute, and the ones that I saw other people with that I thought were cute were Kate Spade.

(I mean, seriously, could this scream “Laura” any more?!)

So I chose a Kate Spade iPhone case.

We all have our whims and pleasures in life, and we can’t help it when some of them are trendy. For me the difference lies in timing: I’ll never be the one to snatch something up as soon as Real Simple praises it or as soon as five people I know ask for one for their birthdays. I’ll hem and haw and talk myself out of it more times than not. But the ones that stick, ah, the ones that stick are the ones that I’ll gleefully shell out for. The ones that stick I either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. The ones that stick are my KitchenAid mixers. It just so happens that for me, an actual KitchenAid mixer falls into the clutter-mentality trap of “This thing is so useful that someday I’ll find a way to use it,” which is not a good justification to bring it into my home.

You’ll get no judgment from me if I see a KitchenAid mixer on your wedding registry. In fact if it’s a fun color I’ll probably even grin at it. But I don’t want one for myself, and that works for me.

What’s something you don’t want that it seems like everyone else has?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman