Sometimes I have what I can only describe as musical cravings. It can be for a certain song or just a certain type of music. If I’m out of town and not listening to the radio in my car for awhile, I find myself missing country music. (I NEVER could have predicted I’d ever type those words!) Lately I’ve been dying for beautiful female voices.

  • Allison Kraus fits the bill. A friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram of her and her husband at an outdoor Allison Kraus concert and I was inspired to pull up her albums on Spotify. They did not disappoint!

I want a simple love like that / Always giving never asking back / When I’m in my final hour looking back / I hope I had a simple love like that

  • I’ve hearkened back to my high school days with Eisley. These two get particularly lodged in my head!

(We have a path near our new place called the Trolley Path, so of course I think of this song every time I walk on it!)

  • And the ever-lovely Audrey Assad has a new EP out. I don’t even know how I feel spiritually about what she’s singing but her voice is just so, so beautiful that I want to listen to it forever. Heartbreakingly beautiful. It makes my soul ache. I can’t find the link where I was able to listen to the entire EP, but I think this song was on it.

And this has always been one of my favorites that she sings.

I don’t know why this is what’s been speaking to me lately, but it’s fun to give into this kind of craving!

Do you go through musical phases? Have you ever felt a craving for a certain kind of music?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman