Andy and I had a rousing housewarming party yesterday. It was a good impetus for us to finish assembling all the various furniture we’ve ordered and to finally get a few things put away that had been lingering. Then I spent today climbing out from under mountains of dishes and the place feels great now! We still need art on the walls and maybe some rugs, but I feel pretty overwhelmed by both of those, so it may be awhile (and that’s fine by me).

  • I love this list of 59 things to do to feel alive.

  • I have a tendency to save my stickers. But I have a new modus operandi of not owning anything “precious.” Not that I don’t want nice things, but that I want everything I own to be something that I USE and love while I’m doing it! I don’t want to constantly worry about chipping things, staining things, etc. I want nice things, but I want to use them. So I guess I’m not saving my stickers!

  • These cats just made me smile.

  • I have embraced the quitting of books of late. It took a long time for me to get there, but really? Life’s too short to spend time reading a book you’re not enjoying. No one is going to give you a gold star for finishing it. It doesn’t matter in the cosmic scheme of things, and you’re the only one telling yourself it does!

  • 20 things you need in your kitchen to cook like a pro I have most of these! My kitchen shears are indispensable. And a cookie scoop is on my list!

It’s been hot and humid here.

And it seems like all of a sudden lots of people are getting engaged!

I finally went to see The Fault in Our Stars this afternoon. I love John Green and I also hate John Green a little bit.

Happy Sunday, and on to Monday!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman