I managed to keep my Kroger trip to $48 this week! It helped that we are pretty well stocked, especially on snacks and frozen goods, but I also made good use of this week’s mega event (buy 10 participating items and save $5). I had coupon match-ups for 8 items and was beginning to despair of making it to 10 without buying things I didn’t really need or that weren’t that great of a deal. But we needed bleach, and as I walked down the cleaning supplies aisle I noticed the small bottles of Clorox were included! They were a teensy but cheaper than the Kroger brand, so I bought 2, rounding out my 10 items and allowing me to get great prices on my other purchases. There are likely Clorox coupons out there somewhere, so I probably could have saved even more, but in this case I found it worth it to just buy without them.

Here’s my haul from last week’s Publix ad:

(This is why we’re so stocked on snacks!)

Total Spent: $10.85, including tax Total Saved: $23.98, or  around 70%

The rolls were being given out as a free sample. Apparently it’s a new type of bread that they’re selling. I’ll take it!

I also picked up a package of cartridges for my razor at CVS. I was planning to use a $2 coupon AND $2 ECBs, but we only had A’s CVS card with us and apparently it has a different number from mine, even though it’s for the same account. So, I couldn’t use the ECBs but made the purchase anyway because it was still a great price on a necessary item. The transaction yielded me $3 ECBs, so now I have $5 to spend!

It was a good week–I’m feeling back on top of my coupon stash and on track to do well budget-wise. Plus I have another packet of expired coupons ready to go to the base in Japan!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman