Welcome to the re-branded Sunday links series, Sunday Snippets! I finally came up with an alliterative word that pleased me. So that was a small success.

Remember that time I wrote about how I take public transportation? This week was a little rough as far as that goes. The trains seemed to be off their schedule, one day I got motion sick from riding backwards, and another I was stuck on a car without working air conditioning at rush hour! Oh, and my unlimited card decided to stop working after having let me IN to the station, so that I couldn’t get out. That was fun.

I drove to work one day and honestly it felt glorious. But then it was a 4-day week and I had a nice Fourth of July and the beat goes on!

Onward to the links.

  • The New York Times ain’t pretentious:

A twist of vanilla and chocolate, perhaps covered in sprinkles that taste of nothing and stick in your molars, or a plain vanilla cone dipped in a slick of chocolate are among summer’s greatest culinary pleasures.

Dipped cones from Dairy Queen were a staple of my childhood “special time” with my dad, and now I want to procure some soft serve frozen custard!

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sounded a strong warning about rising seas Monday, saying that ocean levels around the world are projected to increase by 12 inches or more should a bunch of people go swimming at the same time.

(Pssst…don’t, worry, it’s from The Onion.)

In other news from my week, I’m debating a rather expensive rug and the online reviews are divided as far as its quality.

What do you think?

Ballard Designs Le Poeme Rug

Have a great week, y’all!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman