I usually post lists of things I really like, but today I’m going to take the opposite track and warn you about three products that I wish I had been using. I’m not down on the companies in general, and I’m not trying to bash anyone, but my personal experience with each of these has been less than stellar.

  • Recently I signed up for The Dollar Shave Club. I read about it on Modern Mrs. Darcy on a list of Father’s Day gift ideas, but when I perused their website I saw that the $6/month razor said, “You will love this razor - and your girlfriend can use it too.” I was charmed by their branding and decided to give it a try, but this girlfriend has not loved the result. The blade doesn’t pivot as much as other razors I’ve liked, and I’ve nicked myself more frequently than I have since I first started shaving! Plus it just feels rough on my legs, leaving them dry and razor-burned after I shaved. I won’t be continuing my subscription. I’m bummed because I HATE how expensive razor blade refills are, but this one just doesn’t quite cut it (hardee har har).

  • I’ve posted before about Whole Foods’ store brand lotion, so when I ran out of body wash recently I decided to give the corresponding stuff a try. Unfortunately I don’t like it. It’s not sudsy enough for my taste. I feel like I have to put so much on my loofah to get any sort of satisfying lather that I’m going through the bottle really quickly!


  • Another recent Whole Foods experiment was Kiss My Face All Natural Everyday Moisturizer with SPF 15. I’ve been trying to be more consistent about sunscreen and this was only a few dollars more expensive than similar grocery-store brand SPF lotions, so I grabbed it when I bought the aforementioned body wash. Unfortunately I’m also not enjoying it! It doesn’t seem to really moisturize that well, and even when I spend good effort to rub it in, I feel like it leaves a weird whitish sheen on my skin. Plus, when I sweat, which, let’s be honest, I do a lot, because this is Georgia, it trickles off me in weird creamy streaks. No thank you.

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So please, blog-world friends, enlighten me. What’s your favorite product in each of these categories? Because I’m clearly not going to stop shaving, bathing, or sunscreen-ing!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman