Happy Sunday, folks! I’m drinking a big mug of tea and just scarfed down some pumpkin muffins I whipped up yesterday. Who says there’s a seasonal limit on the consumption of pumpkin?

Last weekend I went to the wedding of a college friend, and it was marvelous to see everyone!

Beautiful women I get to call my friends.

The food at the reception was delicious, a merging of the bride’s Southern heritage and the groom’s Brazilian. Lots of meat, yummy rolls, and these cutest tiny cups of vegetables with ranch dressing.

Tiny vegetable cups at wedding reception.

A few things happened this week that helped me feel validated in this crazy journey I’m taking. I still need to work out a better daily routine, but I’m getting there.

Here’s what I’ve loved online of late:

  • seeing the possibility in blank spaces (no, not the Taylor Swift kind)

    I have a problem with blank spaces. Whether it is an empty shelf in my closet or a pause in my conversation, I desire it to be filled. Filled with what? I’m not entirely sure. But I know when I leave it vacant, it feels like something is missing.

  • why you should stop caring about being nice

    You can have strong opinions and still be a kind person. You can stand up for yourself and still care about what someone has to say. Human beings are dynamic like that.

I learned this first hand when one of my former coworkers, in a one-on-one peer review, encouraged me to share my opinions more often. He assured me I had good things to offer. I’d never realized I wasn’t sharing them until that conversation!

  • similar: this author is giving up on quitting when she gets scared

    I thought by quitting I was protecting myself from the possibility of heartbreaking failure, but all I was doing was protecting myself from achieving my potential.

  • some people are so good at persisting. This is an almost unbelivable story of one man’s triumphs and struggles. I won’t give it away–you have to go read the story!

  • Renier Gerritsen took a picture of everyone he saw reading on the subway in New York. I loved seeing the variety of titles and covers, the hardcovers and battered paperbacks, the array of folks taking the time to consume words. A cool project!

  • I wonder if any of them were reading one of these 56 young adult books that adults will love. I need to step up my game; I’ve only read 6 of them!

  • I’ve got flat head and Phillips head down, but these others?!
    xkcd screws

What are you reading this weekend?

P.S. I’m finally making progress on my third #ReadHarder challenge book, My Brilliant Friend. So many books, so little time!

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman