My mother will probably fall out of her chair when she reads this, but I really like chard.

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One week I it caught my eye at the grocery store in the organic section. It didn’t have a price but for some reason I just had to have it. It was so beautiful! Giant dark green leaves, brightly colored stems, and huge! It seems like something from another time to me, like it should have been growing with dinosaurs roaming around among the stalks. I brought it home and Googled “how to cook chard” and came across a wonderfully simple method that comes out delicious every time.

I got the recipe, such as it is, from Make With Your Hands.

7 swiss chard leaves 2 tbs. minced garlic (~6 cloves) 1 tbs. virgin coconut oil 1 tbs. filtered water

Wash, de-stem, and slice the chard. Heat coconut oil and brown the garlic. Add chard leaves and cook for about 2 minutes. Then add water and cook for another minute or so until the leaves are wilted down to your liking.

The best trick I got from her recipe is how to cut the chard: de-stem it and then fold the leaf you have left in half, cutting it into inch-wide strips. I use much less garlic than she calls for (mostly because I am too lazy to mince that much) and it still tastes great. I like that chard doesn’t get as gloopy as cooked spinach. It still has some bite to it. It’s simple and awfully healthy. Unfortunately Andy doesn’t like it, so I either have to cook it for myself in addition to another vegetable or just wait until he’s not around for dinner!

What are some of your favorite healthy side dishes?

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Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman