Last weekend Andy and I went for a walk together in our neighborhood. Well, if we’re being pedantic it wasn’t technically our neighborhood. The neighborhood lines in Atlanta are funny. If you live in one, you know it, but the divide is much fuzzier to everyone else. So anyway, we technically crossed neighborhood borders, but we were within a mile of home. Just had to let that be known.

This wild gem of a community garden exists.



And I do mean wild. This house has been reclaimed!


(Obviously no one lives there.)

According to my mom, who is my on-call plant taxonomist and can identify species via texted pictures, this is a passion flower. It does grow a fruit, one of which we spotted, that is, in fact, passionfruit. However, the edible species is native only to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. I doubt the caterpillar knows that.


I love living in an older neighborhood for the trees. Though, I also love that I live in a complex with none in it, because I’m sure I would worry about this guy falling on my house. It’s awfully majestic, though.


If we cross a different neighborhood border just to our north, there’s another touch of country in the city. An emu and his duck friends live there.

Atlanta is cool.

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman