Andy and I have a lot of potholders.

Yep, those still have the tags on them.

But unfortunately, my favorite is this puppy:

Uh, yuck. I can’t believe I’m showing these photos on the internet!

This is actually the second incarnation of what I’ve finally learned is called a double oven glove. We got the first as (I think) an engagement gift from some of Andy’s family in Ireland. Unfortunately, it ended up looking about like the one above! So last summer I set out to find a new one, which has now become the ugly, yucky one.

You might be asking why I don’t just use some of the other plethora of potholders! The little ones have this nice grippy stuff on them, but I’m nervous of how exposed my arms and hands are when I use them. The mitts take care of that aspect, but I don’t have anywhere convenient to keep them! Thus, the beauty of the double oven glove. It hangs on the stove!

When I need to grab it, I can just slip my hands into it and go.

SO, after some digging, I found the above new cute one at Marshall’s for a mere $4.99. They’ve proven a little hard to find at a reasonable price, but I keep them on my mental list of things to browse for when I’m at housewares stores. This one was the jackpot.

(Unfortunately the first morning I used it, I hastily reached into the toaster oven and singed a hole in it on the upper heating element. Boo! I guess that’s how Cute New Potholders become Ugly Yucky Potholders.)

Even though I have 4 other potholders, the convenient double oven glove works best for me.

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Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman