I’ve got summer on the brain this week. Maybe it’s because Andy and I are preparing for our first backpacking trip in almost a year now that it’s finally warm. (The last trip we tried to take was Halloween weekend when there was an unseasonal snow storm in North Carolina. Needless to say the weather reports kept us off the trail.) Maybe it’s because I’m thinking ahead to my friend’s wedding in June. Maybe it’s because my HOA just sent an email that the pool is now open or because I took a long run this morning and the sun felt so nice. Whatever the reason, I’m ready for it, and I’m formulating a doable summer bucket list to make sure I maximize my fun.

Beach Boardwalk

  1. I’ve always wanted to go tubing, or Shoot the Hooch as it’s termed here in Atlanta, and I’m hoping this year will be the year. A group of friends, the hot sun, a lazy river, and a cooler of drinks sounds like an A+ way to spend the day. (Well, with lots of sunscreen.)

  2. Relax at dusk watching an outdoor movie. Atlantic Station has them, as does the park near my house. We have camp chairs–what more could we need?!

  3. Check out the light installation at the botanical garden. I never made it to the animal topiary exhibit that I wanted to see a few summers ago, so I don’t want to miss this one! Tickets to the garden always feel like quite the splurge, but it’s a fun place to visit.

  4. Hang out at the lake and hike at Don Carter State Park. I watched excitedly a few years back as this new state park prepared to open, but then I never actually made it there! It’s an easy drive from Atlanta for a day trip.

  5. Drink more of my favorite seasonal beers. I discovered Red Brick’s Dog Days (a hefeweizen) and Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night (a saison/farmhouse ale), and they may just be my favorite beers I’ve ever had. And yet last summer I don’t think I drank a single one of either! That has to change.

Did you notice a motif in my list of “I wanted to do this, but for some reason I never did”? It’s easy to think the seasons don’t mean as much when you’re not tethered to a school schedule, and when your job doesn’t change because it’s summer, it’s harder to do those summery things. And I mean, sure, in a month I’ll probably be complaining about how hot it is. But that doesn’t mean I can’t prioritize a change of pace and make sure I spend some time outside! I already have a beach trip planned for June, and if I check items off my bucket list too I know I’ll have a good few months.

What are your summer must-do activities? Are you already planning for your summer fun?

Laura Lindeman

Laura Lindeman